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(And what keeps you awake at night?)

  • Is the club having difficulties with attracting new members?

  • Is the club losing members because the clubhouse lacks appropriate amenities?

  • Has the environment around the club changed over the years, compelling the club to contemplate change?

  • Has the member demographic shifted, requiring different services?

  • Is the club seasonal but needs to generate revenue throughout the year?

  • Does the club have under-used capacity or areas that could be better used?

  • Does the club need to determine what should be developed and what has support?

  • What club improvements can the club afford?

  • Does the club have the support of members to make necessary changes?

  • Do your current members have different needs than your prospective and future members?

  • Have previous club improvements failed to make a difference or achieve their intended objectives? 

  • Is a rumor of an assessment preventing new members from joining?

  • What is your greatest challenge regarding your club facilities?




(We can help you sleep at night!)

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