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Expert Private Club Strategic Planning &
Award-Winning Clubhouse Design
About Us


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Our Mission is to help you achieve your Vision: CLUBVISION is a unique collaboration of experienced and notable club design and strategic planning experts branded together to solve one of the most difficult problems in the club industry--getting member approval for clubhouse design plans.  We believe that every club is unique, with its own set of variables, and we honor those differences by taking every detail into consideration and helping you formulate a plan.

Z DESIGN GROUP of Boulder, Colorado, is a world-class clubhouse design firm, providing architecture, planning and interior design.  The firm has an unmatched understanding of how to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind golf clubhouses and related facilities--from modest to luxurious, small to large, and public to private.  With 160+ projects, Z Design Group has been the recipient of many awards, and their designs are said to “just feel right” which, in turn, drives financial metrics of sales and growth necessary for a vibrant club.  

CLUB RESOURCES is a leading private club strategic planning and membership marketing and sales firm located in Carlsbad, California and Holly Springs, North Carolina.

We remove the burden from you...

and achieve positive results

with our services and team.







Club Resources and Z Design Group, together, have developed a unique and effective solution for clubhouse and facilities master planning by combining member input, market and membership analysis, and financial sensitivity with creative design solutions to provide the very best facilities master planning for private clubs.


"You must look at the facts because they look at you."

~ Winston Churchill




















CLUBVISION knows that it is ultimately the integrity of the plan that gets member approval.


Just as in a court case, the Discovery process is vital for obtaining as much of the pertinent facts as possible, even when all of the questions haven't been asked yet.  In terms of clubhouse and facilities master planning, one of the most important elements in the process is getting the members' approval to move ahead with the project. Obtaining member approval involves member input and employing solid, factual, and objective data in the development of the plan.


Club Resources brings three decades of Discovery experience and proven methodology to the process. Our specialized services include: 

  • Member Focus Groups

  • Member Surveys

  • Financial Sensitivity Study*

  • Membership History, Trends and Projections Analysis

  • SWOT

  • Comparative Club and Market Studies

  • Summary of Findings and Recommendations 


* One-of-a-kind, proprietary financial projection tool



"Design is a funny word.  People think design means how it looks.

But, of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."

~ Steve Jobs















CLUBVISION knows the design is all about you and your club.


There are major changes happening in the club industry and, in response, there have been numerous magazine  and  website  articles offering opinions about  the  latest  trends  for  clubhouse  improvements.  Although our team can certainly advise about current trends, we recommend, instead, that the direction for your capital improvements should rise from market data and member input coming specifically from your club.  Your planning should not be based on one-size-fits-all formulas.  Just as each member has their own personality, a collective group of club members has a unique personality. CLUBVISION’s objective is to have that personality be reflected in the design of your clubhouse improvements.  


Too often, member input is limited to a general satisfaction survey before the design begins and, then, a membership vote at the end.  Integrated into CLUBVISION’s approach is creating opportunities for member input at multiple points during the process.  This way the master plan can be refined to meet the members’ aspirations for their club, and increase the odds for a successful vote. 


As CLUBVISION’s team leader for design, Z Design Group will use data and input gathered in the Discovery Stage to serve as a compass that will guide the Planning & Design Stage and, in collaboration with designated representatives of the club, we will develop size/quantity targets to be included in design of improvements for the existing functional areas and facilities.  Using this criteria, we will develop preliminary master plan variations as well as imagery to help illustrate options for the conceptual vision.  These options will be tested in a member feedback survey, to measure your club members' support and preferences for preliminary master plan options that have been developed by the design team.  That input will be used to guide the selection and refinement of a final master plan. If there remains uncertainty about the members’ vote to approve the master plan, CLUBVISION can help facilitate more input with additional presentations and surveys. 


CLUBVISION will help the club achieve support for proposed improvements that will fill the members with pride and satisfaction in their club.  After member approval of the master plan,  Z Design Group will be prepared to assist the club with design implementation services, including: further development of the design and details, drawings and specifications for building permit/construction, as well as assembling the team of engineers and specialist consultants.



"Good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas."

~ Yves Behar







Whether it is getting a positive vote to satisfy the bylaws, or just simply gaining the general support of the members, Club Resources will develop a sensible, supportable and dynamic master plan.


Our plan approval process incorporates the following component steps:

  • Draft Master Plan for Review and Feedback

  • Town Hall Meeting Presentations and Focus Groups 

  • Pre-vote Survey

  • Final Plan Recommendations

  • Vote Facilitation

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Boulder, Colorado

Carlsbad, California

Holly Springs, North Carolina

Tel: 303-449-4831

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